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by Conference Chair Mr Piet du Pisani

As it is said that Africa is the cradle of mankind, so it is said that Windhoek is the cradle of direct potable reuse. The choice of Windhoek as the venue for the 9th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation is therefore a great idea.

For the first time, IWA members and delegates will have the opportunity to celebrate the technological innovations in terms of water reuse on the African Continent. Situated in the centre of the most arid country in sub-Saharan Africa, Windhoek has had throughout its existence, to find innovative ways to ensure that the growth of the City can be sustained.

In your host city, direct potable reclamation, artificial aquifer recharge, water demand management and dual pipe irrigation systems have become part of standard vocabulary. These processes had been embraced before the terms integrated water resource management and closing the water loop, had been coined.

Namibia and Windhoek is not only about water reuse. It is indeed also a tourist paradise where our delegates will have the opportunity to experience a real African safari and see wildlife and nature the way it had been created. Make time to explore. Our conference website will provide you with the links to do so.

The City of Windhoek therefore extends a special invitation to all our water professionals and academics to make this event truly memorable by gracing it with your attendance.

Africa, Namibia and Windhoek are waiting to give you an experience with memories to last you a lifetime.

Sponsorship for students from Eligible countries

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